Cuepoint Dogs


About Ruby

I love to go on dog walks with my dog walker Taryn . We sometime go down to the beach and play in the sea and sand.

I Love My Dog Walks

My Humans

Welcome to my own website created for my by my adorable parents (Humans). My parents are a bit nuts but I love them anyway.


I am a 100% pure bread Labrador. At the writing of this website I will be 4 years old or 28 human years. My hobbies are sniffing other dogs, barking at complete strangers, as well as playing catch with a ball and sometimes a stick.

Lost & Found

In our family we have two adults that I protect as well as twin boys that I love to lick. We also have two budgies that I love to bark at. 

And My Beach Runs

If you find me and I seem to be lost then please contact my owners at I would love you to meet them as well.